About us

Rozehnal & Kuchař, Law Firm was founded in the year 1999. Its activities focus on the area of substantive and procedural commercial and civil law in a broader sense. However, it also operates in a number of other legal areas, such as for example the resolution of certain issues in financial (tax), labour and administrative law. The law firm also has experience in the area of international arbitration.

It is primarily teamwork which has helped Rozehnal & Kuchař, Law Firm in its professional growth and previous successes. Support from professional managers and external collaborators from the world of economics and law helps the firm offer the highest-quality legal services to clients.

The firm’s main advantages include flexibility and professionalism in the domestic and international legal spheres, language skills, knowledge of the psychology of business and representation, the ability to resolve crisis situation and organisational capabilities.

Rozehnal & Kuchař, Law Firm is ready for the client’s most demanding and unexpected wishes.

Our team